Thank you to everyone who has giving my team and I such great support this year.  It's true my business is up 179% from last year. This is my second year selling homes in a new market. Not bragging it's just something to be proud of in any market, especially these economic times when other need help and advise. I do not work with builders and I do not do REO's. 26% of my business is short sales and the remaining are people moving up, downsizing or just taking advantage of the absolute best rates for housing we have ever experienced in the history of our country.

I moved to New Orleans, LA. from Nashville, TN 2 years ago. My wife is from New Orleans plus what's not to love about the crescent city. I started a new company June of 2010. I have a small team of 6 full time professionals who each have a specialized roll in the home selling process. Having been personally coached for 12 months by Ralph Roberts and Mentored by the great Sam Miller for more than a decade, I have learned a thing or two about selling homes. It's not that difficult if you adapt and adjust to your market and put the right tools in place. I need to mention that my homes sales are up 179% and I did it with very, very, little money. I enjoy giving back and sharing my ideas. If you would care to hear some of what I am doing, drop me a line. or see my Active Rain blog