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Selling Your Home Without an Agent?

Selling Your Home Without an Agent?

"Quick Tips for Selling Your
Home Without an Agent"

Pricing Your Home - When it comes to selling Mandeville Real Estate, Pricing a home can be difficult. Selling Covington Real Estate is no different. In fact it's pretty much the same with all St.Tammany real estate. Often you try to compare your property to your neighbors' properties. Remember a list price is often not what the sales price is. Only agents have the information on what houses actually sell for, so pricing your home based on listed prices may make your asking price too high or too low, and remain on the market longer. It's critical to make sure a home for sale does not become shop worn. 

Staging Your Home - Even though you still live in your home, buyers react better with beds made and dishes clean.  Don’t distract your potential buyers with a mess or clutter. It also helps to remove personalized items such as family portraits along the walls. A simple de-cluttered environment will allow buyers to envision their family living in the home.

Availability - Be available and remember to talk to your employer and let them know you're selling your home. You will need to be flexible when buyers who want to see your home.  Turning down an appointment or missing one could cost you a sale. Make sure you can be on call for an appointment at all times.

Marketing - The best Mandeville Agents spend tens of thousands of dollars and more on marketing each year to build client bases, so you must be willing to spend money. Remember you’re not paying an agent’s fee, so focus the savings you had here. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures. A poor picture can result in someone not even making an appointment to come see the property. Put ads wherever you can for your target audience; you will be limited to what an agent can do, so be persistent. It's always important to know the Mandeville real estate market. 

 87% of By Owner Homes Sell for ‚ÄčLess Money and Take Longer To Sell When Not Listed with a Real Estate Broker.
Source: National Association of Realtors 

Buyers Are Hesitant to Work Directly with Home Owners.

Realtors know it’s uncomfortable for buyers when sellers remain inside a property during showings. The buyers don’t feel they can openly express their likes and dislikes with the realtor. If buyers feel intimidated just discussing their feelings with sellers than how are they suppose to negotiate a deal?

Buyers want to know they have someone working for them that has their best interest at heart. They want to get the best deal possible and work with someone they trust knows the St. Tammany real estate market. Which leads to our next point…

Homes Listed FSBO Are Often Priced Out of the Market

Realtors have access to the MLS Realtor Database and can pull comps to ensure local Mandeville, Covington and Slidell properties are priced at fair market value. Homeowners don’t easily have the resources that realtors have at their disposal. Also, homeowners are emotionally vested and always feel their home is worth more than it actually is.

FSBO's Aren't Listed in the MLS - i.e. Realtor Database

St. Tammany homeowners may be able to place their own sign in the yard and run their own print ads, but the MLS is only accessible by realtors and brokers. FSBOs are also excluded from the major websites for home searching. More buyers find homes through the web than any other resource. In fact, 96% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes. Maximum exposure is a major proponent to selling a home fast for the most money.

Hiring a Limited Service Broker. 

It's true there are a couple of brokerages that for a fee will list your home in the MLS. The trouble with these outfits is they lock consumers into a long contract for 6 to 12 months. By paying these companies monies you are obligated to use their service. That service is only placing it in the MLS i.e realtor database. The home owner is responsible for showing the home, qualifying the buyer, advertising, negotiations, knowledge of the business such as titles, deed, inspections, appraisals, taxes, capital gains, etc. - The other issue is that so many Realtors will not go straight to the home owner to set an appointment and show the home. It's a simple matter of it not being what Realtors are a custom to doing.

Qualified Buyers Only - What is the Question?

Time is Money. Realtors don’t waste their time showing properties to non-qualified buyers. A smart Realtor will make sure their clients are pre-approved, not just qualified. Buyers feel comfortable disclosing their personal information such as income and credit score with their realtor. They are less inclined to share that information with a homeowner. Often home owners spend countless hours showing their home to buyers they don’t even have proof they can purchase the home. Never be afraid to ask the buyer which local lender they are using or are they buying with cash reserves?

Who am I letting in My Home? 

The last thing you want to do is let someone in that just knocks at your door. Great Realtors are “go-betweens” and understand the procedures for pre-screening potential buyers. They know what questions to ask not only to ensure a client is approved with a mortgage lender, but to also ensure that they’re indeed legitimate buyers and not a criminal.

Having the Best Promotional & Advertising Tools.

The best St. Tammany realtors spend thousands of dollars a month towards marketing and promoting their listings. It’s in their best interest to know where they get the most bang for their buck. Through trial and error they know what works and what doesn't work. Homeowners selling by owner will likely spend lots of money on advertising and marketing that does not place their home in front of buyers.

Legal Matters Can Pop up Years After the Sale.

Extensive legal paperwork is involved in the real estate transaction. Buyers trust their St. Tammany real estate professionals will ensure they’re provided with all the proper disclosures. Homeowners handling the transaction without a reputable listing broker risk missing paperwork that could cause them an expensive lawsuit later on. Improper documentation can hold homeowners fully liable for the condition of the property sold to a new buyer. It’s crucial to have the proper documentation when transferring a deed and title.

Need to Sell Your Home? Hire a Real Estate Broker
Not Just an Agent.


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