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Fix ups that Pay!

by Wayne Turner

Why my Homes Sell Fast. . .

You want question what to do to sell your home after you read this blog.  I believe in getting to the point so here it is. . .

1.  Clean is free!  Hire someone to clean the house every week while it's listed.

2.  De-clutter. .buyers need to see the bottoms of closets.  Box it and rent a storage unit.

3.  Paint the front door, replace any worn out or faded door knockers or bells.

4.  Landscaping is like icing on a cake.  Spread pine straw.  It dosen't smell bad.

5.  Never smoke in your house, change air filters, clean carpets and paint. 

6.  Bleach and water on the deck then pressure wash the surface.

7.  Tighten loose knobs, leaky faucets and caulk around tubs and sinks

8.  Make the beds, put away shoes, dishes out of the sink, pets out of the house.

9.  It's show time.  Turn on all lights, open blinds, turn on radio, relaxing music.

10.  Now. . .Leave the house,  Never be at home when your house is being shown.

I know this may sound harsh but the competition is fierce.  There are homes on the market and yours must to stand out to get sold.  We always want the shiniest car and cleanest home.  It is an honor to have sold over 1300 homes and this is why.  Your home has to stand out, show the buyer that it is cared for and appreciated.  Give a buyer something to remember about your home. 

If you are considering selling your home call me and start packing.

"Interest Rates Drop Again"

by Wayne Turner

You Can Not Miss This Opportunity!

Just when I thought the rates were unbelievably low the Federal Reserve lower them again.  Today they are 4.75% on a 30 year fixed loan. Talk about amazing.  If you or anyone you know has even slightly considered buying a home they need to act now!  I can get them in a home for as little as $500 if they have a 620 or higher credit score.  If they don't have a score that high, I can show them how to increase their score.  

Don't let this market pass you by.  I have full access to every single foreclosed home and even the homes before they go into foreclosure.  If you want a great deal and a super low house payment that never adjust, now is the time.  Call or email me with a time to go look at some homes. 

"Rates Drop Below 5%"

by Wayne Turner

Interest rates took a dip today.  They are below 5% again.  If you have ever considered buying, now is the time.  $5.30 for every $1,000 is a good way to calculate your mortgage payment.  5.30 x 200 (for a $200k house) = $1,060 a month for a mortgage. 

I can also get you a Rural Housing loan if you have the qualifications.  620 or higher credit score.  If your credit is below that I can show you how to get your score up fast. RHD is a no money down payment program.  Almost the entire St. Tammany Parrish is within the RHD area.  This means you don't have to buy a home out in the country. 

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3





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